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Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Directory Page

Hey Guys!! If you'll look at the top of the page where the navigation links are you'll notice I've added a link or two. One of the new pages I've created is the new Class of 1981 Directory.

As you all send in your info, updates and photos I will continue to post them on this blog page. I will also now add your name to our new directory page where you will be able to easily click on a name and get an instant update for those individuals that have emailed their info.

It will take me a little while to get everyone that has already emailed in added to the page. If you have not sent me info or you only sent a little and no photo please send stuff now!! Everyone loves reading the updates! Heck, tell us a big whopper of a lie but send something in.

Thanks for checking in and for the kind comments!

Check out the new page HERE.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Steve Voss

Steve checked in and I made him send some family pics. Steve and his wife Alathea live in the Kansas City area and have three beautiful red haired daughters. His oldest will be 16 and driving in April!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kim (Gould) Fogarty

Unfortunately, due to a family trip, Kim couldn't make the 25th - but the 30th will be here before we know it and that one she will not miss.

Kim lives in Chestnut Hill, MA, a near suburb of Boston. She literally moved to Boston from our 10 year reunion to be closer to her boyfriend, Ken. They married in 1994. He is the US Treasurer of a UK based company.

Kim teaches half-time at a private school in town. She switched from a career in technology to teaching technology 10 years ago. She works part-time as a Technology Integration Specialist for grades K-4.

Kim has two children (above), Jake (age 7) and Amanda (age 5-born a few days before the 20th reunion). They live on Cape Cod in the summer, so the photo of the kids was taken on a recent evening beach visit. In the spring and fall, they spend time going to Red Sox games and attending Boston College athletics (her husband's alma mater). Her brothers and mom live in Edmond now, so she hasn't been to Enid since the 10th. Kim misses Enid more and more the older she gets.

Anyone in the Boston area should look her up!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that showed up for our 25 year get-together!! All 90 of you made the effort worthwhile and from the comments received, we believe everyone had a great time.

A special thanks go to Retha (Peterman) Wegmiller and Angel Delights for preparing the food, setting it up, taking it down and for the use of the facilities for the Saturday morning event.

Also to Beth (Lack) Steier for making all of the meetings, purchasing supplies and helping out all around.

To Kenny and Sheri (Sak) Blasier for always helping out where needed and keeping the party lively.

Thanks to Janet (Boese) Byrum and Advance Foods for helping out and food donations. And to Gerald Blevins and Jumbo Foods for food and supply donations.

Thanks to Ronnie Black and the Gray Beards for cooking the food for the afternoon picnic.

Thanks to Cafe DaVinci for allowing us to rent their space for the evening and for the music, drinks and help.

Thanks Garry and Deanna Atkinson for throwing a great pre-party and providing food and drinks.

Thanks to everyone that has been sending me updates!!! Keep them coming!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Early Reunion Pic

Recognize anyone?
Click for bigger photo.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Enid High Makeover

Come take the tour of EHS. Our old high school has never looked so different or better. With the addition of central heat and air, there had to be a change on the large glass windows surrounding the school. The windows have all been reduced in size with new brick filling in the gaps.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And more updates...

Pat Bandy is working hard at UPS in Enid, all the while dealing with his daughters fight with cancer. Carson was chosen to take a Disney cruise as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She was surprised by Mickey Mouse while on the cruise and got to take several photographs. Carson is doing great and with more prayers will continue to stay healthy.

Mitch Poore is in Overland Park, KS. He has lived there now going on five years, with the same company that he has worked for, for 10 years - Stein Mart Inc. Mitch was at the 10 and 20 yr. reunions and is planning to make it for the 25 yr. get together.

Steve Kerbo emailed from Huntington Beach, CA. He was about to enjoy the US Open of surfing. If you've seen my 4Runner about town with the surf board on top, you can thank Steve for sending it to good old Enid for me. Thanks Steve!

David Thomas and his wife Heather just made a trip to Enid to visit family. His kids schedule is so busy they will not be able to return for the reunion. They live in Midlothian, VA and have lived there since 2002. Their three children are, Ashleigh (14), Allison
(13), and Austin (11).

Alan Goodson let me know that he and his wife Linda (high school sweetheart) would not be able to make the reunion. Here's Alan and Eleanor.

Don Kirkley is in Enid and works with one of our classmates (Dale Hornberger) every day.

Don has been working at Vance Fire Dept. since we graduated, where he serves as a Crew Chief. He enjoys being involved with youth sports, having coached for several years. For the last 16 years or so, he has umpired Baseball and Softball on every level from little league thru Semi - Pro.

In 1985 Don married his wife Angie (1982 grad of Kremlin) and they have 3 children, Jeremy and his wife Miranda, with their Granddaughter Tabitha, Brittany who is a Junior at Enid High School, and a EHS Cheerleader, and Chris who is in eigth grade at Waller. Don actually bought his Dad's house from him when he retired, so he still lives in the same house in 7 pines that he lived in since 1976.

Don asks everyone to keep his oldest son Jeremy (2000 EHS grad) in their prayers, as he is an Airborne Combat Medic in the U.S. Army, he has done one year long tour in Mosul Iraq, and is set to deploy again in Nov. Don plans on attending the 25th reunion, with my wife Angie. Angie by the way works at the Cafeteria at EHS.

Jana Jackson became Jana Gardner as of 4-2-04 after marrying Rev. David Gardner. They live in Grandfield , OK.

Rhonda Galer (Anderson) updated her email. Randy and her will not be able to attend this reunion.

Ben Wanders is coming in from LA to attend the reunion.

Amy Joss (Lund) would like to send her regards to everyone. She won’t be able to be here this time, as her family came ‘stateside’ last year. Someone else will have to win the ‘Traveled the farthest’ trophy this time!

These are Amy's kids, Max (12) and Charlotte (14). They live near Edinburgh, Scotland, where they have been for 9 years. Amy's husband, Malcolm, is an Occupational Therapist and Amy is a Therapeutic Play Specialist with a children’s charity.

Amy sends her love and best wishes to all who make it to the reunion this year. If anyone is traveling to Scotland, give her a call and she’ll buy you a pint and catch a haggis for you!

Stayton PettyJohn is doing well as the CFO of a corporation in the Dallas area. Stayton and his family live in Grapevine. He and his wife Michele have two kids, Morgan, his daughter and his son Austin.

This is a recent photo of Stayton and I (your humble web guy) at Gilley's in Dallas last month. Stayton and I have been the best of friends since the glory days of 6th grade.

The End. That's about it for now folks. The reunion is just around the corner and it should be a great time. Send more updates if you have them. Take care and watch for reunion picks coming soon.

More Updates... and BIG NEWS!!

BIG NEWS from Joni!!! This just in... Joni had her PET study last Thursday and it says that there is NO ACTIVE MALIGNANCY in her body! WOW...PRAISE THE LORD. Joni said to let all of our wonderful classmates that have been praying for her to know this news... and she wanted to be sure that GOD gets ALL the glory. Mike and Joni will be at the reunion on Saturday so be ready to celebrate!!

Joni is keeping a journal of her experience. Joni's Journal.

Carmel (Hollander)Shook is now a Texan. She lives in Garland, TX (Dallas suburb) with her husband and two sons. She is working in the Financials department at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and loves it down there.

Her husband, Billy (class of '79) and her just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in June of this year. She is also a grandmother now! She has a two month old granddaughter that's cute as a button. Carmel spoils her rotten and sends her home with her dad.

Carmel cannot make the reunion but says "Ya'll have fun in August at the 25th. Give everyone my regards."

Kim Christy-Anderson is married to Richard and they will be married 22 yrs this August and still live in Belton, TX.

Her oldest daughter, Brittany, is almost 21 and knows EVERYTHING! She is really an OK kid and is going to TSTC this fall. Taking her a while to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up, but yet knows everything!!! (Kim's mom said she was like that, but she doesn't remember, HAHAHAHA)

Her youngest daughter, Maeli, is 16 and plays varsity basketball. She is really tall and really coordinated (Kim had her DNA checked, yes she really is Kim's.) She will be a junior this coming year.

Kim just completed her 19th yr as an educator, the last nine as a jr. high counselor. She said kids are still doing some of the same nutty stuff we did and have added a few things we didn't think of. Kim will not be able to make the reunion.

Vicki Troutman (Slowik) checked in. She is back in Enid and is going to try to make the reunion.

The Weldon Twins are both back in Enid. Toby is single and has two beautiful daughters, 14 and 18 years old. They will be at the reunion.

Cindy Goodwin (Tate) is also in Enid. Her son Austin is starting his second year of college and her daughter Katie will be going into the 7th grade. Cindy works at Longfellow Jr. High and she loves it and never would have believed she would be back at the same school that she attended! For all you Longfellow alumni…she sees Mr. Wolfe walking through every once in a while(he drives the buses now) and she has seen Mr. Ogletree a few times also.

Cindy almost lost her husband 2 years ago to a heart attack, but after much rehab, he is doing well. It makes you realize how short life can be. Will Cindy be at the reunion?? Show up and find out!!

Brenda Moody (Isbell) has made the big move south. She is in Waukomis. This is her daughter Taylor.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

What's Everybody Up To?

Mary Porter is a MOM!! We spotted Mary in the mall a few weeks back with a beautiful baby girl riding in a stroller. Mary and her husband adopted a baby girl and are living in Indonesia. Mary said she would send info and a pic but I think she might have forgotten the website address so remind her if you see her.

Debbie (Phillips) Linse is married to Mark and they live in Oklahoma City and have just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. They have 2 young kids, Shea (9) and Hayden (7) as well as the two dogs, to keep them busy. They took up RVing about 3 years ago to travel with thier kids while they are still young enough to want to travel with parents. Debbie's mom lives at Golden Oaks, and she still has a sister and brother in Enid, so they try to get to Enid at least once or twice a month.

Tons more on the way... hang on.