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Friday, December 28, 2007

Eric Reed Update

Eric has been keeping in touch through photos. He is still in OKC shooting X-Rays.

Todd Wheeler Update

Todd is an official grandpa! His middle son Justin became the proud parent of a baby boy. This picture from last Christmas is not of Todd's grandson, it is his youngest son Derek!

Todd is still plugging away with his Enid construction business while living in Medford, OK.

Send Todd an email and raz him about something.

Sandy (Shearon) Chance Update

Sandy also checked in many, many months ago. Here's her update:

Sandy has 3 boy's (hold on...) 26 yrs old, 23 yrs old and an 18 yr old stepson. And for the good part, she also has 3 wonderful grandchildren! Melissa is 5 yrs old, Alexis is 4 yrs old and Jacob is 3 yrs old. She loves it.

She is a very proud mom and grandma. Both of her boy's are single parents of their kids and live here in Enid. Her 2nd son just moved back after getting out of the Army, and back from Iraq.

Sandy moved away for a period of time '87-'94 and lived in Ft. Worth, Texas. She loved it down there. But she is very glad that she brought them here to raise in their teen years.

She works at North American Stone Crafters, where they fabricate and install granite countertops. Sandy is the office manager & H.R. officer. So if you ever need granite they are the place to find it.

Email Sandy and say hi.

Robert McClellan Update

Wow! Robert checked in about a year ago to give us an update. Am I slow or what?

He had just gotten divorced after 20 years. Robert has 1 daughter (16). He is currently living in Savannah, GA. working at Gulfstream. (I hope)

Robert's email has been added to the email page.

Brock Pratt Update

Who remembers Brock? Red hair, freckles? That's him!!

Brock left Enid his freshmen year but went to school with many of us in grade school and junior high. Brock moved to Putnum North in OKC for a year and then moved to Ponca City where he quit school in the 12th grade.

Brock joined the Army in '81 and got out in '84. He graduated while he was in the Army. While in the Army he met & married his beautiful wife Gerri of the last 25 plus years. They have 2 great daughters, 24 & 18. The youngest started at Oregon State this year. While their 24 year-old has a 4 year-old.

Brock has been a letter carrier in Salem, Oregan for 22 years. His wife is a manager at Salem Hospital. He still has family in Enid and gets back about once a year. Brock is a huge OU fan and makes it to any game that he can. Thats about it. Life has been pretty good to the Pratt crew.

Contact Brock by email on the email page.

Richard Salladay Update

Richard popped in a while back to say hi. This is a picture of his family. James, his oldest son, Jonathan is #2 son, Jacob is #3 son. His Princess Sarah and his lovely bride Brenda. Richard actually just came back from China earlier this year. He was teaching English in a primary school. 4th graders actually were his victims.

Richard's email has been added to the email page.

Donnie Goertzen Update

Donnie wanted to let everyone know that he is still among the living!!! He is still living in Dodge City, KS, working as Sales Manager at a car dealership (16 years with G&G Car and Truck Super Center -

His son Jerad just completed the police academy and is on the department in Dodge City. He has a son Ethan who is now 5 and is his "poop pa's" big buddy.

Donnie's daughter Julie just got out of the army and is living in Oklahoma City with her new addition Jaelyn (5 months). She spent 4 years in Germany...Iraq .... and many places in between.

Donnie has been divorced for 3 years but has met a wonderful lady (Lisa), but has no wedding date yet (as of early 2007). He would love to hear from everyone and catch up with them. His email has been added to the email page.

Ron Hansen Update

Ron Hansen? Yep, our old Waller Junior High classmate has checked in to say hi. So what has Ron been up to?

After leaving Enid Ron spent 2 years on the East coast until his dad retired from the military. He then moved to Portland, Oregon where he lived until 1993. In '93 Ron moved to the Seattle area and has been there ever since.

In 1999 with two business partners Ron started a staffing company called Opti Staffing Group. They have 5 offices in three states (Oregon, Washington and Alaska) with 65 employees. That pretty much keeps him busy. Ron's email has been added to the email page. Drop him a note to say hi.

Russell Henning Update

Russell Henning checked in with an update on what he's been up to. Russell has been working in Iraq as a convoy commander hauling mail around from base to base to help support our troops.

Russell has a wonderful wife named Tamyra, a 16 year-old son and a 19 year-old daughter. Russell will be home in January to take his family on a cruise to Hawaii. He said he would send pictures. Russell would love to hear from anyone in our class. His email has been added to the email page.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Enid High Big Blue Band Alumni Reunion

The Big Blue Band is having a huge Alumni reunion!! Anyone that has been in the Enid High Big Blue Band at any time is invited to the reunion! An Alumni band night is being planned next Fall 2008.

The plan is to have an alumni band night during a football game at the beginning of next school year. A dinner and school tour is in the works along with a chance to play during pre-game and in the stands during the game.

Big Blue Band alumni as well as color guard, twirlers and drum majors should plan to attend.

If you're interested you need to email the band and send them your name, year of graduation and instrument played.

Email: or visit the Website: