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Monday, June 23, 2008

Brent and Shelly Campbell Update

Brent Eugene Campbell is alive and well in Kansas City, still married to Shelly Breckenridge Campbell (27 years). He is currently doing that mysterious computer stuff Shelly doesn't understand for a company in Topeka, KS and commuting. They are very involved in their church and their youngest son's school.

Shelly has been the "Church Secretary" at Faith Community Church for around six years and is currently on a 4 week hiatus to spend time with family and get some household projects done. They have one son, Taylor 15, left at home full-time and one son, Nicholas 19, home summers from Dordt College. Their oldest two kids, Alicia and Jeremy, have children of their own and they are blessed with three grandchildren so far with one more on the way in the fall.

Life is good, very busy, but very good. They were sad they missed the 25 year reunion and plan to attend the 30.

The Campbell grand kids...

Shelly's Blog

Gary Armstrong Update

Gary Armstrong , Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science, Director of the International Relations Major
Dr. Armstrong received a B.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. His special interests include American foreign & security policies, international relations theory, international conflict & war ethics, and international political economy.

Gary, his wife, Linda and their three children attend church with Brent and Shelly Campbell and Linda teaches Latin in the school there. They are a brilliant couple and live in nearby Liberty, MO.

Donna Jones Update

Donna has relocated back to Enid after being in OKC for 6 years. Donna was the Merchandising Manager for Marshalls. Enid will be getting a new pet store, PetSense Outlet, and she will be the store manager. She is excited for the opportunity to move back home and hopefully run into some old friends.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missing Pictures

Hi Guys,

I had to move the site to a new server and several of the latest photos did not make the trip. I think I still have them in emails and will try to get them reposted ASAP.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

See ya!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Can you still feel the heat?

Oh the memories! These pics are from our 1981
graduation and May Fete.