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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that showed up for our 25 year get-together!! All 90 of you made the effort worthwhile and from the comments received, we believe everyone had a great time.

A special thanks go to Retha (Peterman) Wegmiller and Angel Delights for preparing the food, setting it up, taking it down and for the use of the facilities for the Saturday morning event.

Also to Beth (Lack) Steier for making all of the meetings, purchasing supplies and helping out all around.

To Kenny and Sheri (Sak) Blasier for always helping out where needed and keeping the party lively.

Thanks to Janet (Boese) Byrum and Advance Foods for helping out and food donations. And to Gerald Blevins and Jumbo Foods for food and supply donations.

Thanks to Ronnie Black and the Gray Beards for cooking the food for the afternoon picnic.

Thanks to Cafe DaVinci for allowing us to rent their space for the evening and for the music, drinks and help.

Thanks Garry and Deanna Atkinson for throwing a great pre-party and providing food and drinks.

Thanks to everyone that has been sending me updates!!! Keep them coming!!


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