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Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Update from Pat Bandy

Hello all,
I am once again sorry for the lateness of this update. Time has gotten away from me once again. Remember, no news is good news! Carson is doing very well. She underwent a spinal tap Monday morning. Everything went well and the spinal fluid appeared normal. Her blood counts are down a little and she has been sick but she is still in school and doing very well.

Here is a picture of her at the hockey game. She dropped the puck at a Tulsa Oilers hockey game. We all had a great time. She gave a speech, the night before, at the Children's Miracle Network banquet. She did great. I was very proud!

Her hair is growing back but her eye is still bad. Her vision is getting worse in her left eye. She will have cataract surgery in the future but her optometrist is in no hurry and is not concerned. Well I am! She will be on chemo for another year at least. We are not sure when it will end because she had to stop taking chemo at certain times due to complications and that has thrown off my time line.

She has had the normal chemo stuff. She is sick to her stomach a lot and has a few mouth sores and some leg pain. This stuff is a breeze compared to what she has been through. She handles it in stride and doesn't complain. I am amazed by her every day. She inspires me to be a better person.

I thank our Lord every day for this experience he has given me. This has changed me and Carson and everyone close to her. I wish every one of you could meet her and perhaps some day you will. All I ask is to continue to pray for her and pray for her vision. She has overcome this and will continue on! Praise God!

Thank you all.

Pat Bandy


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