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Monday, May 05, 2008

Enid High Update May 2008

All seems to be pretty quiet on the Class of 1981 home front. If you have news please let me know. Here's a bit...

Ronnie Peck checked in. He went to school with several 81 graduates until 1976 (Coolidge School) when his parents moved to Ames, OK where he finished school. He would have graduated with the class of '81 had he not moved. If you would like to connect with Ronnie you can find his email added to our list. We may get an update on Ronnie's whereabouts soon.

Joni update:
Joni had an appointment with her doctor for a 3 month follow up and to go over her PET scan from Friday. The results say that her cancer is active at T3 and possibly in her left proximal femur (left hip joint). She will have an x-ray of the hip to be sure it isn't about to break and after they get the results of the tumor markers they will know if she will stay on Femara or if they will change meds. They REALLY hope the Femara works because if not...her only option is Chemotherapy. Keep Joni, Mike and their family in your prayers! Send her an email to say hi!


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