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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Enid High Class of 1981 Updates

Hi Class of '81,

Guess what? It's been a year since our 25th reunion! My how time flies. Just four years until the 30th! Could everyone please make it to the 30th? Mark your calendars and tell your classmates as I'm sure a 30th reunion will materialize somewhere around here.

I'm way sorry about the slow updates, life's been busy!! Several people have sent updates and I am trying to get it all online. Here's a bit of scoop on the Enid High class of 1981...

On a sad note, Frankie Fowler passed away in 1997. Her sister Veronica wanted the class to know and said that she had turned into a wonderful woman.

Also passing was Lana Lee Sexton Moore, April 2007 in Milwaukee, Wis. I believe she left Enid schools in the 10th grade.

More new stories below and a few updates on our classmates to follow. Please check back.


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