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Stayton PettyJohn Releases Debut CD

Stayton PettyJohn and his Christian Rock Group, "So Far", have just released their debut CD. Stayton is now in Grapevine, Texas and has been playing in one band or another since his time at Enid High School.

Stayton was the lead guitarist and singer in that once famous Enid High garage band called "Reality". Reality once failed to make the Enid High talent show due to a low score given by Mrs. Hoad, who had stated, "they're to loud".

Stayton was not deterred and went on to perform in many college and church rock groups. His latest group, once called "The Walk", is now named, "So Far". The new name came about almost by accident. Each time the group created a new song it was burned to a CDR and was labeled 'so far', which indicated the amount of music that had been created up to that point. Everyone liked the name and it quickly became the groups new identity.

The Christian CD is packed with 12 awesome tracks written and performed by the members of the group. The CD was cut in Texas and is now available online and in limited Christian gift stores.

To purchase a CD or read more about the group visit So-Far.com.

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