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Carson at Meadowlake

A Message from Pat Bandy


If you haven't heard, my daughter Carson has leukemia. She is at St. Francis Children's' Hospital in Tulsa. She is doing well and should be in remission soon. She ready to start her next phase of chemo. She will be in chemo for the next 2 and half years. Unfortunately, I have to continue working here in Enid and spend my weekends in Tulsa.

My sister Trudi has opened this account to help me spend more time in Tulsa without having to worry about working everyday. I hate to be in this situation and I would not be sending this out if it wasn't for my sister but she wanted me to send this out to everyone in my address book also.

Everyone wants to help out and I am very thankful for everything that has been done. It has renewed my faith in our Lord and in the people in this world.


This is a way people can help out.

With the news of Carson Bandy people are asking "what can I do?". Here is your answer.

A Direct Deposit Account (DDA) has been established with Bank of America. If I can get 100 people to give 20.00 each that would make a big difference to Pat and Carson. There are two ways to contribute.

Direct Deposit at ANY Bank of America around the country OR Mail your check to Bank of America. Here's the information you will need.

Makes checks payable to
James P. Bandy for Carson Bandy
Leukemia Fund Account # 01369-09734
Bank of America
431 Roseville Square Roseville, CA 95678

Thank you all so much for helping.

The Latest Update from Pat:


Hello all,

Great news, Carson's blood counts are normal! She is still taking
chemo, in fact she starts her Methotrexate dose tomorrow. We are very happy.
She is on the divided dose therapy too! Which means her counts are
recovering each time she takes chemo. She had such a heavy dose through
December that it took her counts over three weeks to recover. I chewed off a
few nails during that time.

She is going to school tomorrow. She is so excited! She hasn't been
in school since the first of December. We should be able to keep her in
school while she is on the divided dose therapy. I know we will. She will be

Shannon and I want to make this summer with Carson special so we
will be traveling quite a bit. The Make a Wish cruise is being scheduled for
July. I will take her to California in August. I know Shannon has some
travel plans for her too.

Carson has written her speech for the Children's Miracle Network
banquet on February 23rd. I have not seen it but for those of you that can't
make it, I will attach it to one of these updates. She is still scheduled to
drop the puck at the Tulsa Oilers game February 24th. I will have lots of
pictures of that! I have moved a vacation week so I can attend both events.
They both should be a lot of fun.

We are looking forward to this year. Things are getting better every
day. I am so thankful. I thank our Lord every day. Please continue to pray
for her. We have another year or so to go. Can you believe it will be two
years this June? Time has stood still and flew by at the same time. Amazing.

May God bless.

Pat Bandy

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