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Eric Ramirez-Ferrero - Author

Eric Ramirez-Ferrero is currently a University of Michigan Population Fellow and senior program officer with HealthScope Tanzania in Dar es Salaam. According to the latest news he is living in Africa at the moment.

Eric has written a book called "Troubled Fields" Men, Emotions, and the Crisis in American Farming.

The book centers around Oklahoma in the 1980s and 1990s, when suicide -not accident -was the leading cause of agricultural fatalities among farmers. Eric looks at the causes that would lead these farmers to want to kill themselves. He looks at the root causes and shows how cultural and social changes have a dramatic effect on menęs identities as providers, stewards, and community members. Using emotions and gender as modes of analysis, he locates these menęs stories in the wider context of American history, agricultural economics and politics, capitalism, and Christianity.

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