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Curtis D. Tucker - Cartoonist

Curtis now owns and runs his own cartoon studio full time. He creates cartoon designs, logos, web sites, greeting cards and many other types of graphic design. Curtis's studio, Shaggy Duck Studios and it's cartoon division have become the premiere cartoon logo design company online. They have created cartoon logos for companies in such countries as Mexico, England, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada and almost every state in the US.

Curtis D. Tucker and his cartoon studio were chosen as the 2004 designers of the official Punkin Chunkin logo! See it here. They have also been picked to create the 2005 edition.

The Curtoons Cartoon Company was chosen by Fast Company magazine and Seth Godin, author of the New York Times best seller Purple Cow, as one of the Top 500 companies and freelancers that can make their clients remarkable! Download the free ebook here.

The Curtoons Cartoon Company has launched its newest venture which is a paper greeting card line. You can see the cards at Chuckleberrys.com.

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The Curtoons Cartoon Company

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